Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New book for Single ladies. by Pastor Kim McConico

I haven't ordered this yet but will be doing so soon. I will let you know what I think. I can't wait to read it so that I can help minister to young ladies. Get your copy soon!

I’m excited to share with you that I wrote a book that is HOT OFF THE PRESS called, Wait…He’s Coming.  It ministers mainly to single females (ages 13 and up) encouraging them to live holy and to build a strong and healthy relationship with God as they patiently wait on the him to send them a spouse.  This book also ministers to married females by encouraging them to have a deeper relationship with God.  By reading this book, they can also learn how to minister to singles that may be anxious to find a spouse or who is sadden by not having one yet.

This is a God ordained book where he wants the singles to know that he cares for them, knows what they’re going through but wants them to truly live holy and righteous before him and make wise decisions, so he can bless them with the RIGHT man, at the right time. 

Attached is the flyer about the book (I’ve also pasted it below for a sneak peak. J).  The book is NOW AVAILABLE online, through my publisher at www.xulonpress.com/bookstore.  It will also be available through amazon.com, barnes and nobles and local bookstores soon.  Along with the bookstores, it will also be publicized on Friendshipfaith.org, Christianity.com, youtube, Facebook and other social and business websites. 

I’m also working with several local bookstores in my area and will be doing book signings.  I will send information on the book signings (early next year) after they’re scheduled.  I would love to see you there if you can come out.  J

If you know anyone who’s 13 years old or older, I encourage you to purchase this book for them for Christmas (rush shipping is available) or just bless them with the book.  Also, forward this email to them so they can spread it to others and forward this email to those who are married because everyone has a daughter, niece, granddaughter, mother or aunt that needs to be encouraged to follow God’s Word as a Christian.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the book.  Thank you for your time and for your support.

God Bless You,

Pastor/Dr. Kim McConico

Monday, November 29, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010


I should be cleaning or sleeping. My mind is racing. I need to do something besides sit at the computer writing. Ok I just decided to write. I was browsing. My kids went to bed crying because I want them to try something new. My son hates new things and big crowds. My daughter loves new things and people. So either way, I don't win. I told them I would pray for an answer. They would have to wait. That made both of them sad. Lainey even said, "Why does God take so long to talk to you?" I answer with, "God has the perfect timing." Evidently that isn't good enough because she groaned at me. We say bed time prayers and Dayson starts crying. I hate that. I know the reason. However, my daughter's question rings through my head and won't let me sleep. I sometimes get like my golden curly haired bomb shell daughter and I become 5 in my mind. I think, "HURRY UP. I NEED THIS NOW! ANSWER SOMETIME TODAY! LORD, ARE YOU LISTENING?" How rude of me. When I do get an answer from my Father, it is always just right. Never a moment too late or too early. I am thankful for that. I pray that I learn to wait upon my God more. I don't want to be five always.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Son the Trainer.

I was working out on the balance ball. My son comes in with 4 peices of paper stapled together. On these pages were little stick people working out. I say, "tell me about your bood Bubba!" He said, "It is for you Mommy. It is all the excercises you need to make your belly flat." I got the hint and gave him a kiss. I must not have been working hard enough for my six year old. He was sweet enough to make an entire workout plan for me to do with him. I love it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies Redone.

Chocolate chip cookies redone.
Heat oven to 350 degrees
1 1/4 cup whole wheat flour (if stone ground, make sure it is fine ground)
1 cup all purpose flour.
1 1/4 tsp of baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1. Mix in a bowl and set aside2 sticks (1 cup) real unsalted butter, softened or 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter softened plus 1/2 cup of cooked smashed great northern beans, well drained.
3/4 browned sugar packed
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 egg beaten or 2 TB ground flaxseed with 6 TB water (this equals just under 1/2 cup. If using flax seed to replace egg, mix flaxseed meal with water and let set for 2-3minutes)
2. Cream butter and sugar.
3. Add vanilla and egg (or egg substitute of flax) Mix well
4. Add flour mixture, mix well. Then add
One package (16oz) semi sweet chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips.
Mix together.
Drop cookies onto cookie sheet by rounded Tablespoon or a cookie dough scoop. Bake at 350 degrees for about 12-14 minutes. Makes about 2 1/2 dozen cookies.

This recipe is made a bit healthier with less sugar, less fat and whole wheat flour. If using the beans in your cookies, make sure you rinse and drain them well. I like to cook my beans from the dried bean without any flavor or seasonings. Canned beans need to be rinsed and drained a few times before smashing and putting in your recipe. If you use margerine instead of butter, the cookie will have different texture and be a bit more crisp.
Recipe by Natasha Duncan, Cameron MO

Hospitality in a dirty house?

I was doing my Fruits of the Spirit bible study because I needed some encouragement and an attitude adjustment. I am fretting about getting my home ready for tomorrow. I am pleading, "Lord I don't feel good. I can't talk. Give me the energy to get up and finish housework. After all this is my calling at the moment."So I start to turn to the scripture outlined in my guide but come across Romans 12:12-13 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 13 Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. another version 12Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying. 13Take care of God's needy people and welcome strangers into your home. (CEV)
So I sit and stare at this scripture like it is something foreign and I need to take it all in. I start to turn the page but flip back. I recognize this pattern. God has something to tell me. I pray again, "Father, what is this. I know that hospitality is important, I know that I need to keep reading scripture and to be joyful in all my situations. What am I missing. I am listening. Tell me so that I may tell others"
Have you ever had this experience? The kids are running, screaming, and playing loudly in the background. Toys get dropped and possessions get knocked over so that it sounds like bombs exploding and the walls are rattling. Awe, you know the scenario. This was my house at my Bible moment. However, suddenly quietness set in. A peace and stillness came over me. No my husband didn't whisk the kids off for a fun adventure and give Mommy peace and quiet. God spoke to me and all else was still in my mind. It is rare that I experience this but it was Him none the less. I felt him say,"Your house is presentable. Hospitality is not about a spotless home. Just offer them what I offer you. Give them unconditional love, understanding, and the knowledge I have for them. Show them a way to Me." I began to tear and praise God. Thank you Lord!
So you can have hospitality in a dirty house....ok a semi dirty house. I don't think my standard will allow my house to be filthy, but less than perfect is ok. I will offer them what God teaches me and what my Father offers me. Unconditional love and salvation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemaking journal or Am I a Dork?

Ok so I love to read things with two titles. It gives me a sense of pride to make a decision about the article that hasn't already been made. So here is my post with two titles.

I am on a mission to get my house organized. It will take a little cash and creativity but I can get this done. When my home is in disrepair and unorganized, my mind feels the same way. I have had enough. I want to start by making a book so that way everyone that can read will know how my house is ran. I am a control freak too by the way....lol. I am thinking of a homemaking journal. I have read lots of post about them already and I know that each one is unique. I continue thinking about this and realize I have about 20 of them around here. All in different places in different ways. I managed to clutter my organization and 20 is a stretch but it feels that way.
here are the ideas:
1. Calendar (for a whole year)
        -Birthdays, bills, events, appointments.
2. Cleaning schedule (this may be far fetched but I am hoping it gets me motivated to keep this place clean. No more rushing around when unexpected company comes. If I am away or have a baby, the family will know what i do each day)
  -daily and weekly
3. Food
  -Weekly Menu's with fave dishes behind that
  -Restaurant menu and coupons
  - Master grocery list
4. Important phone numbers
5 Babysitter helps and guides
6. Birthdays
   -Names by month with ideas for each person
7. Christmas list

so does any of you do this and do you have ideas to add. Or am I crazy and just a nerd? Don't answer that last one for another week or so....=)

Monday, October 18, 2010

being Beautiful

Today is a lousy feeling day even though it beautiful outside. I feel this way in part on my hormones trying to get back to normal and just simply not feeling love for myself. All of today I was looking at anyone and everyone (particularly my husband and my looks) to make me feel beautiful. Let's face it, if you don't feel it on the inside, the outside won't matter much.
I remember something God has told me personally yesterday. He said he understands and still needs me. He wants me to go to my prayer place every time I feel down and sad and ugly. He told my my healing will happen if I do this and believe his words. It is ok to shed my tears because joy comes in the morning.  So after reaching out to the wrong things, I go to my prayer place, which today happens to be my kitchen sink.. The dishes are ceiling scrapers on the counter and the kids need supervision so why not pray hard while doing both. I kept praying for God's encouragement, for a Word or song or anything from him. I cry out "Lord Help! I can't stand the way I feel but can't seem to stop myself!" Just as I said the last word, KLove played "Beautiful" by Mercy Me. I begin to smile, and say "Thank You Lord" in a hushed but grateful voice. "Then My Own World" comes on and I am grinning with all the muscle in my face. Next comes "More Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz. Now I am dancing along, smiling and praising Jesus in a loud and joyful voice. My son comes in and looks at me, smiles and shakes his head. He has seen my crazy acts before. My little girls join me in the praise of my God, My Savior and Lord. We had a praise service right in the middle of a dirty kitchen. And now....I smile and thank Him. Thank You Father! Thank You and I love you! It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Baby Duncan

Dear Baby in Heaven, I am sorry my body was not a haven for you. Please know that you are truly missed. I haven't known you but a few weeks and already I felt you like you belonged with our family. If you decide this Earth and our family is for you afterall, your tiny body is always welcome back in mine. However, I know this old World isn't the best place to live anymore, so I don't blame you for returning to Heaven. Someday, when I am done here too, I will come meet you at the gate. Please take my hand and lead me to Jesus. For he cares for us better than all.  Love, Your mommy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Special Kind of Mom!

I had a great day. My husband and I hosted Financial Peace this morning. Our class is going well. I sometimes feel that we aren't helping anyone in their journey to peace and then someone comes back with victory story. I also get discouraged because DEBT FREE feels so far away. However looking back, my family has come a long way. We even had our emergency fund 4x and the last time only took us 4 weeks. Thank you Jesus for you blessing. Afterwards, we went to Fall on the Farm at Watkins Mill. I look at all the great things still in existence today. All made from a great entrepreneur and his family, all done with no debt, and I feel relieved. What can we do in a few years with do debt? Dreams are only dreams if you do nothing about them. But the real reasons why I write is the realization that we all come from different lifestyles, we all have dark days that seem like weeks and sometimes months. Then all of a sudden, there is a light and blessings abound that show us God is still in control. I want to tell you a story of a young woman, about my age, whom I met today. Her period of dark time inspired me to marvel in the everyday blessings that are poured upon my family and myself.
It seems that it should be every woman's right to be a mother if they so choose to be. There are some that want a career, some that want only to be a woman in all her glory without children. It seems to me that some of the strongest women are those denied the chance to be a Mom. Her heart longs for that little butterfly in her womb. She wants to raise a great warrior for the family of God and knows that she will guard that little angel with her life. But for some unknown reason, she is denied this opportunity of a miracle. Or so I might think. Is she denied, or are these barren women called for a higher purpose? Are they the select few that will raise a child that is not their own flesh and blood? You see, I don't think adoption is for anyone. I really believe that loving someone else's child as if it were your own is a trait not bestowed upon any woman. This can't be an easy task. There is a longer period of bonding, there is learning their habits that you didn't instill with them, the child doesn't share your blood type, DNA, or even family traits and appearance. However, those select few Mom's and Dads, can still say proudly, "this is my child, whom I love so much," and have no other thought in their mind except what just came from their mouth.
Well, back to my friend. I told her that I really loved coming to these historical reenactments. They are great live action history for my home school children. She explained that she too was home schooled from 3rd grade to graduation. She told me that she had taken college type courses in high school homeschooling but by the time she got to college, her education wasn't recognized because she was home schooled. So she had to endure boring long classes already taken, and even made a bit of spending money tutoring students in her own classes. Finally her teachers let her advance without any more flack. During college she met her husband while volunteering at Watkins Mill. They married on the farm and shortly after wanted to have a child. Well little did she know that trying for her dream baby made her very ill. She could not have her husband's child. She was thrown into early Menopause at 24. Not only could she not have a baby, adoption of a child was out of the question. They had too many debts from college and life.
At this point, I began to tear up. After all, I am now carrying a child that I know was God's timing and will. Here I am pregnant with very little trouble (we totally left this one in God's hands) and I was sitting face to face with a woman that will never be able to have one of her own. I said a prayer to God then and there, thanking him for my children. I also asked him to bless her in some way. My heart broke for her.
She then says to me and my sister in law, "But don't be upset yet, my story goes on." I smile and think this woman is incredible. She said that her husband and her made a decision then and there that they were to be debt free. She and he worked hard but never lost hope of having a child. Their future child may not be there own blood, but it would be their child none the less. They did it too. They became debt free.
At this point someone came along and urged her to visit another doctor in KU medical. She didn't want to go. I don't blame her.  She had been poked and prodded and told numerous times that she would never have a child. After praying and urging, she went to this doctor.  This doctor however, found that she had a rare disease and that with medication, she could actually carry a child. She was going to adopt an embryo. I guess that people who get in-vetro can choose to carry all the embryos they conceive, terminate them, or freeze them for later use. The ones that are frozen can then be adopted out for another women to carry. These babies are then implanted into a host mom. It will be her child and she will get to experience pregnancy, labor and birth. Well this wonderful lady will now be carrying a child come January. I told her that she inspired me and that I will continue to pray for her. I pray that her body doesn't reject that baby. She looked at me and said, "I hope not too, but I can now adopt any child I want. Either way I get a baby!" I was thrilled and amazed at her outlook on life.
So after learning this, I never wish to complain that I can't handle this or that. I don't ever want to take my calling of being a mom for gran it. I hold in high esteem Mothers that have no children of their own. They are much stronger than I.
Sometimes, we go through trials and it seems like there is no end to the battle. Just know that your Heavenly Father is on your side and he has a reason and time for everything. We must learn to trust Him and always praise and worship Him. Thank Jesus everyday for the many blessings we have. If you can't think of one, I can. You are alive, breathing, and you have someone on your side, Jesus!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tithing, giving and passing the plate.

So I am pondering the question, "Why do our tithes have to be documented? Where does this ritual or rule come from?" while sipping my green tea and nibbling dark chocolate. It is a great combination. I do my best thinking with dark chocolate and green tea. The question first surfaced a while back when an unchurched person asked me. I didn't have an answer then and forgot to get back to them. Then it came back to my mind while giving my last dollars in church as the plate passed by me. I was happy to give and still have no regrets about giving my last money for the week. I wander too if church giving is done on a larger scale for churches who do not pass the plate. I have been in a few churches that pass the plate and a few that do not. Then it occurred to me that I never had a problem paying tithe with cash in no envelope. I would drop it in the plate with out another thought. However, when told it is best to mark an envelope or pay by check so that your church or organization has record of it, my reluctance give began to set in. Now, I feel like I am paying a bill instead of giving to God. I can't explain the emotional switch after all, I grew up 'marking the envelope'. So I pray about this and know that the best place to learn about giving and tithe is from the wonderful Father I have. I turn to the Word of God. So get out your own Bibles because I won't type them for you. If you have no Bible, than email me. I will fix that for you.
God owns everything. WE are simply stewards or managers for him. So giving of tithe is a way of returning only 10% to God. He gives us 90% to live with. We should all live with 90% of what we manage. Sometimes we do the wrong thing and use our money and resources foolishly. Work hard to get yourself out of debt and trouble. Then you will be able to give your tithe and then some.
I find that Jesus watches how we give (Mark 12: 41 - 44) The poor widow gave all she had. The rich gave a larger $ figure but no sacrifice was made. They had it to give, so they gave. The widow had nothing left but gave everything. Therefore in the eyes of our Lord, she gave a wonderful offering.
He examines our reason or motive for giving and tithing (Matthew 6:1-4). When giving, we shouldn't do so just to boast. "Well I give to the church so I am a better Christian than you." and Jesus says "Not so much!"  We also should not tithe to receive special recognition or a certain position in the church building. Giving was not meant to be easy. We should give in secret to show that we seek no reward. That is one of the lessons Jesus taught us. We should do all things, including giving, for the glory of God, not the glory of myself.
He sees how much we give and measures the proportion not the portion (1 Corinthians 16:2).  . God sees that we give whatever percent in relation to our income. He tells us to take it out ahead of time so that we don't have to scrounge for whatever settles into the bottom of our purses or wallets. It is more important to give willingly. (2 Corinthians 8:12)
So what of the rules of the church. "We need to know that you are accountable and obedient for God and Church." Fine, but even the most obedient tither could be living like Hell outside the church building (read Mathew 23:23)
Tithe is mentioned in the bible 32x in the Bible. Ten of 32 are New Testament. Most of those are quoting History. Jesus taught about giving and very little about tithing. I have yet to find why it needs documented from the Bible. The only thing that tells me to document is a Church rule. I know you can take it off your taxes but that negates the purpose of giving if I am just getting it back (my opinion only). I know some churches need to have a tithe documented to hold a position. But if someone needs to know that I pay tithe or give to my local church so that I can have a position or special honors, over someone else who may deserve that more than I do. I really don't need that position than. If it really don't matter biblically, than I will give in secret. I leave you with Mark 6: 1-4. I feel it gives me my answer. I have read this over and over, week after week. I have studied over 100 verses. It is the only one I won't make you look up yourself. Pray with me  and keep on giving.

Matthew 6:1-4 "Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. 2"So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 3But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.