Thursday, April 28, 2011

God's Wedding Gift!

I had a very busy day. I enrolled the kids in Summer School. For those of you that know me, you are gasping with an open mouth and your jaw dropped. I am not against public school but it really doesn't fit our learning style. Summer school however, is different. They learn through play, guided play, but this is my way. The kids are excited, and nervous. So are Mommy and Daddy.

Then I enjoyed a cheap (oops I meant inexpensive) lunch with my Mom. I cherish moments with my mom because I know life is short and precious. She is my best friend and I love her so. I took the kids to my parents home to run off some steam. I love farms in the not-so-far-out-there country for this reason. I can let the kids outside and not think twice about them being hit by a car, taken out of my yard, or having the police show up because I am not in the yard watching them. I then learned some Spanish, checked out mattresses with my husband at the furniture store (always a fun time) just to learn that we still haven't saved enough to purchase one. A few more months on a lumpy old mattress won't hurt...too much. Debt Freedom is close enough. No need to blow it now. Then I enjoyed dinner with my family before the night came to an end. Which brings me to the reason for the title of this post.

My kids are 7, 5 1/2, and 3. They get very curious about a lot of things. Some things are appropriate for their age. Some are not. I usually explain everything I can to make learning fun. Tonight happen to be about babies. "Where do babies come from, Mommy? Don't tell me your belly or heaven because they have to get in your belly somehow and I guess that God is strong enough to magically put them there. But why do people that aren't married get them?" My 5 year old asks this question. She was wondering why some single mommies around us got their babies. I was a bit shocked but then I realized this came from my oldest daughter and just laughed a bit. My mind was racing for the right words but nothing came to me quick enough. My son chimed in with, "Ya mommy, you and Daddy make cookies at night. Is that how they get there?Cause so and so doesn't have a husband. Does she make cookies by herself?" My face turns red in three shades. Surely he hasn't figured out the code phrase. Time for a new code phrase. I kid you not. My kids were coming at me like lightening with questions I don't care to answer.

So I say a quick prayer for the right way to tell them this. "Well, there is something Mommies and Daddies do.." Nope this isn't going to work. Too young, too young.  Here is where I scream, "Lord Help!" Funny how He knows just what to do when you scream that. Here is what I tell them. "Kids, do you know that Daddy and I were married before Dayson was born. When we got married, God gave us a wonderful and exciting gift. Now this gift He gives to all married people when they have their wedding. But sometimes, women and men will steal this gift and use it. This gift brings wonderful little babies sometimes. When it isn't used the correct way, it can bring babies still but not always good things to come with that baby." Dayson asks why some family members didn't have a baby and they are married. I explained that sometimes our bodies will not work the right way. God can heal us or give us a baby that doesn't have a mom or a dad. We just have to make sure we keep our life in God's hands and use our money the way God tells us too.  My daughter Lainey replies, "How does the gift work? Is it like the PS3 because that is fun and does all kinds of things when you put a game or Netflix in it." Oh, she did just say that. I get a big grin on my face. Maybe that is the new code phrase. Maybe not.

I go on to tell them that when they are a bit older, they will understand how this gift works and it could be like a ps3 but not likely. My son asks me if Daddy and I stole the gift before we got married. He brought up a couple that just got married but had a baby before the wedding. I was proud to say that we did it God's way and our marriage is big time blessed because of this. He smiled very big and said, "Mommy I like when you and Daddy do things God's way. I am always going to do things God's way too." My heart swelled with joy and love.

The birds and the bees have a new name. I will always call it God's wedding gift. Oh look, I just found a new code I pray when my kids grow up to be young adults that they keep this gift holy. We all make mistakes. I did once and it was the greatest mistake I ever made. If your teen or young adult steals this wedding gift, let them know it is OK to start over, and give the gift back. Just don't steal it again. God will forgive them. He did me and then my soul mate showed up when I least expected him to. That soul mate provided wonderful little gifts (with mine and God's help of course) that ask questions before they are old enough to understand them. Thank you God. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being a homemaker is about being the light of Jesus Christ for all the world to see. Hospitality isn't about having a perfect home. It is about having the right heart and giving someone in need (children, husband, or guest) a warm cup of tea, a hot meal, a comfortable place to sit or just an ear to listen. The condition of your home doesn't matter, the condition of your heart does.
Romans 12:13 Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.