Monday, July 25, 2011

You don't have to finish your food.

Additions end with the act of completion. We are trained from the beginning to finish something, an activity, your plate, a drink, cleaning your room/home, etc. etc. You get the hint. However some things don’t need to be complete. For instance, the cigarette you just smoked causes all sorts of health problems. The more you puff the more your lungs and body become harmed. The plate of spaghetti is a great example. As a child we are told to finish what is on our plate because kids in Africa, Asia, Antarctica and Outer Space are starving and they would love to have one bite of our food. Therefore we finish the plate of pasta or whichever dish you happens to be consumed at this point because your child self thinks, “I too may become deprived and starving.” Then the very next emotion to rise up is success. You just finished something, a cigarette, a beer, or a huge plate of hot, saucy, tempting pasta. But what happens when you don’t finish or complete a task? You feel like a failure. FAILURE is a bad word, a disgrace to our culture, to any culture. Well we can’t have that can we? Therefore, you become addicted to food, or any other substance. You become addicted to the completion and sense of success. The thing is we have to have food to live, so this may be the easiest addiction known to man. IT is ok to not finish that food. Stop when you are full and not so full you could puke. When feelings of failure come to mind and heart, begin to pray, meditate, or whatever it is you do that pushes FAILURE out of your life. You see no one is really a failure. We need to sloth off this old man. He drags many other harmful addictions with him like self- destruction, hatred, bitterness, obesity, drug additions like smoking, alcoholism. You see what I am saying now.  Most all of these addictions lead to death, physically or spiritually.  Completion is very important to life, as long as it doesn’t lead to addiction. Complete your freedom over food and your battle over unhealthy habits, and that my friend will be the sweetest most satisfying success you could ever want.
Proverbs 23:7 As she thinks in her heart, so is she.