Friday, December 6, 2013

A new tradition

Today we celebrate St Nicolas Day! It is his birthday.  My family choses to focus Christmas on Jesus birth, not Santa! In fact, we don't even believe in the Santa. My husband and I were convicted for telling our children a lie about the big fat man in the red suit, sneaking in on Christmas Eve and leaving gifts that we gave.  We knew that one day, they would be crushed to find Santa a farce and Mom and Dad had been playing along.  I never will forget the Christmas year I found out Santa was fake.  Crushed I tell you, I was utterly crushed. 
That being said, we wanted to have fun and know that Saint Nicolas was Santa, a real person and a blessing from God to all he encountered.  Enter today, December 6th, Saint Nicolas Day.  This holiday is celebrated by Catholics mostly but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate.  If you know us at all, my family finds reason to celebrate just about anything.  So this morning, the kids woke to find goodies and toys in a stocking, activities to do, movies, books, and fun all day.  Today we started a new tradition to honor St Nicolas and bring the season back to Christmas truth, Baby Jesus!
Under my tree is an empty basket, a small nativity, and a basket full of "hay". We are to prepare a bed for Jesus by doing acts of love and kindness randomly. This will include my kids, Zack, and myself.  Each time one of us does a random act of love for anyone else, we write our name on a piece of hay (paper strips) and the deed.  Then we put the paper hay in the empty basket.  On Christmas Day, baby Jesus will be placed in his manger and have a soft comfortable place to dwell.
My kids are worried that the bed will not be full and soft enough.  You should see them today.  On the table is their activities for St. Nicolas day but they care not about it. They have made the beds, done extra chores, changed the baby, and made sure not to argue and fight. Their main goal is to please Jesus.  For this is the reason for the season, even on St Nicolas birthday!
Will you join us to prepare a bed for Jesus?