Thursday, September 6, 2012

TurT: Coming buy to say hello as I write and peck a few ants under the big ole Tree.

   I really enjoy siting in this particular spot on Mom and Dad's farm.. It isn't a very big farm or a very big spot. The farm is just 6 acres but full of kids, chickens, and sheep.  This spot is just under 6 feet squared between two big American Oaks that have secret hide outs for the many animals and bugs that live here. On the bottom of the largest tree (to the South East) has hollow spots all over it. There is one in the bottom with tree roots shooting in and out in every direction. I guess they have a place to go but can't make their mind which way.  There is a hollow haven about 3 feet up from the base of the tree. An owl lives in another hollow hole about 6 feet up from that. This tree is my favorite because of all the animals living in it, the big shade it provides and the soft breeze that rustles the leaves at just the time I need it. The bark on the tree has some green moss which interest me because green is a scarce color these days. The old Oak I am leaning on now is a bit younger but not as healthy.  It has been struck by lightening I think and half of the tree is bare. It one day be blown down by a gust of wind or cut down by human hands. This little spot on this little farm is surrounded by buildings, orchards, barns and streets. To the South East is the prison and leaning against these trees is a barb wire fence.  It keeps the people away but the animals like to cross their boundaries every chance they get.  I wander what purpose the fence really has because it seems to serve as only a reminder that nature left alone is few and far between. Just South of me is an orchard. It provides a wonderful scent of pear and apple for my nostrils, as well as fruit for the residents in the corrections facility. To the West is the paved road this spot resides. The whizzing sound of passing travelers only blends in with natures songs.  The birds chirping and the chickens clucking seem to sing in rhythm with passing cars. When I look North serene hideaway, I see three barns, 16 sheep, several chickens, and 6 rolling acres.  TurTee, my parents old turkey bird, waddles over to join me as I watch the bugs and ants dig around the bottom of the Old Oak.  They hurry for food as TurTee hurry's for food.  She pecks the ground once, twice, three times then looks my way as if she just did the best bug pecking job a girl could ever do. I lean in to pet her soft old feathers and know that one day, nature will take her too.  God made all of this just for me and my sisters and brothers who wish to take care of it.  I lift my eyes to see specks of green and blue. The leaves rustle now as I thank Him for this serene piece of nature.  It makes the best place to talk to God. In this small 6 foot space, nature meets man, and man meet nature.  One day, both will die and new birth will arise.  God created it all. I am thankful. I am blessed to enjoy all that is before me.