Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This is what we (might) eat this week!

I have to return to menu planning.  My budget couldn't handle our eating out so much; the waistline doesn't care for it either.  I try to stick to the plan but this doesn't always happen.  Honestly, menu planning is a least favorite activity. But it works, I helped dig ourselves out of debt in the homemaking department by menu planning, as well as homemade cleaners and other money savers on the home front. Next goal for saving money is.....comp shopping.  Ugghhh!


Oatmeal and leftover oatmeal muffins                                               
Cereal and Fruit                                                      
Eggs, sausage (or bacon), toast and jam                                            
Pancakes and sausage                                                                    


Pb and J
Popcorn and Chocolate
Veggies and Dip
Toast and cinnamon honey and butter

Lunches and Dinners

Chili (x2) from dried beans, tons cheaper
Chicken & homemade noodles
Beans and Dumplings
Bacon Burgers and homemade seasoned fries
Potato Soup
Red Beans and Rice from scratch
Stroganoff(no idea how to spell that, neither does spell check) from scratch (Sunday dinner)
Week night lasagna
Pasta with white sauce
Tuna Mac
Chicken nuggets 
Grilled ham and cheese and tomato soup

This meal plan includes a lot of bacon.  It is very expensive but we are in love with bacon.  It is our splurge. Every one has to have a splurge. Otherwise, we'll all go crazy. 
 It also includes two dinners out. Let's face it, Zack and I love to eat out.  We will be one of those old couples that eat breakfast and lunch at our favorite diner (D-Dubs better still be in business in about 40 years), order enough for leftovers, then go home and eat that.  No need for a kitchen in the retirement home....just kidding. 
I didn't list sides.  Those will consist of in season veggies and some frozen veggies.  Sometimes a side is a one pot dinner instead. Our breakfast and snacks are usually the same weekly.  Those meals may also be leftovers .  Oh so crazy, we know!
So here it is. I have to do it.  With four kids, four pets, and a trip to save for (Georgia here we come), this is what needs to be done. 
What are you eating this week?

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